Friday, 1 August 2008

If only they could talk ch.2.

Chapter 2 records james's journey to darrowby and narrates just how difficult it was once you had qualified as a vet to actually find employment. His lifeline came from siegfried farnon MRCVS who offered james the chance to become his assistant. The beauty of the beginning of this chapter is the way james describes the ever changing enviroment as he continues his journey to darrowby from drab mills and factories to the wonderful english countryside. James then imagines what siegfried looks like and comes to the conclusion that he must be a short stodgy german "herr farronen". He then describes his arrival in darrowby and in amazing detail he outlines skeldale house, he does this so well you can paint a vivid picture in your mind as to how the house looks. James then describes the awkwardness of waiting for siegfried to show up, his first encounter with Mrs hall the housekeeper and a particularly excruciating few minutes with a miss brompton who has also turned up to see siegfried. Inbetween all this he meets his first client who tells him about a "womiting dog" all in all a baptism of fire. Eventually just as james is falling to sleep in the garden siegfried eventually turns up and this is the first example of his shocking memory. James is shocked to see the most english looking fella he has ever seen, nothing at all like "herr farronen". The chapter ends with siegfried offering to give james a tour of skeldale house.

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